Meet Cookie And Caramel – Two Adorable Sloths You Must See!


While there are many types of sloths in the world, this video is focusing on two of the most common types. The three-toed sloth and the two-toed sloth are both absolutely adorable in their own way. Seeing them in this video will bring a big smile to your face because they are so cute you simply cannot look away. This video seeks to differentiate between the two so people can be aware of their differences.

Caramel is the two-toed sloth and is softer and smoother than Cookie, who is the three-toed sloth. These two move super slow and they love eating. This video tells you all about their differences and what they have in common. When you see them cuddling up and even giving each other kisses, you will not be able to stand the cuteness! What an adorable pair these two are. Watch to the end and then make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.

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