Meet The Dancing Barista Who Was Told He Would Never Work Because of His Autism


Sam is a seventeen-year-old young man who has autism. It has always been his dream to be able to become a barista and work in a coffee bar. Although he was told he was not employable, Sam rose above the odds and was given a once in a lifetime opportunity when the manager of a local Starbucks saw his potential and gave him a job. This sweet video showcases his appearance on Ellen, where he astounded the audience with his charisma.

To overcome his jerky movements and concentrate on his job duties, Sam found dancing to be a perfect solution. Each day on the job, he dances his way into the hearts of his customers and many fans. Ellen was truly touched by this young man and wants the world to know people with Autism can be employable and can do anything they set their minds to! At the end of this video, both Sam and his boss receive a special surprise from Ellen. After watching this video, Please SHARE on Facebook so others can witness the story of this special young man!