Meet the Legendary Inspiration behind Warrior Prayer Miss Clara from War Room


What can a prayer do? For some people, a lot of things. Prayer is a powerful healing mechanism which most of us do not use to the fullest extent as it is intended to be. Meet Molly Bruno is a 91 year old real life version of the character Miss Clara from the beautiful movie War Room.

In this video she shares her beneficial insights that helped in the production of the movie War Room. Her devotion and faith strengthens the promise of God’s Kingdom which is the ultimate refuge of mankind. Watch her talk about how the guidance of Lord Jesus helped her tackle the sufferings and miseries of life.

She breaks down during the video in the name of the Lord but she is not afraid to die. She defines it as a union with the Lord. She is going to hug Him showering all her love on the Lord. She shows and inspires you to spend a life like her devoted to prayers of the Lord.

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War Room