Meet Miraculous Max the Cat and Learn How His Life Was Saved By Pets for Life


Max is an indoor cat that has an inquisitive nature. Unfortunately, he somehow got outside and was hit by a car during his adventure. When Ruby, his owner, learned he would need an expensive operation to amputate his injured leg and save his life, she did not know what she would do since she did not have the money to cover his care. As you will learn in this video, that is when Pets for Life swooped in and saved the day!

This caring non-profit organization covered all of Max’s medical bills. Ruby credits this amazing organization with saving her cat and giving her hope again. To see Max running around in the video, you would never know he was so close to death! Even though he only has three legs now, he went right back to his normal level of action within no time. After you have watched this touching video, Please SHARE on Facebook to honor what this organization is doing for pet owners!