Meet Shag-Ra The Fabulous Lip Syncing Horse That Thinks He Is Human


When you see the horse in this video, you will quickly understand why his owner loves him so. This horse is not just any horse; he is something much, much more! For this woman, Shag-Ra became a best friend and saved her from a life of trouble and heartache. When the two found each other, their lives finally became fulfilled. You must see this entire video to appreciate the special kind of horse this special guy is.

This horse is not only a lip syncing performer, he also is quite the card. He spends his time joking with Phyliss, his owner, and enjoys spending time with the disabled children at a school nearby. It seems like he changes every single life he touches! The friendship between Shag-Ra and Phyliss is one you won’t soon forget. If you enjoy this beautiful video, don’t forget to Please SHARE on Facebook so others can witness this amazing horse.

Phyllis Olson Shag-Ra the lip syncing horse