Men Stop to Get a Rare Glimpse of Moose in Forest – End Up In The Middle of a Rescue Mission


Spotting a moose standing at the edge of the road is a rare occurrence.

Some men were driving along the highway when they saw something that made them make a complete stop. On the edge of the road, the men spotted a moose.

However, not everything was alright. The moose looked distressed. Instead of running into the forest when the men stopped, the moose stayed where it was. It is as if she was protecting something hidden in the forest.

Moments later, the men heard a shriek. What they captured next was unbelievable!

The fence was trampled close to the ground and they saw a spindly pair of legs thrashing up in the air. It was a tiny moose calf. The mom looked terrified as the men approached.

The men knew the calf would not free herself. One of them volunteered to assist the calf and others filmed the rescue process.

Mama calf tried to attack the man but did not want to leave the calf. Moments later, the calf was free.