The Michigan Marching Band Flawlessly Performs “Broadway” For Half-Time Number


This half-time performance was the crowning achievement of a band who has worked diligently to perform better and better each year. This “Broadway” performance took place on September 24, 2016, and it was mind-blowingly amazing! This performance not only featured the marching band members but theater and dance groups from the college as well. When you see the overhead formations they were able to accomplish, you will not be able to believe it!

This is not your average marching band performance because these guys and gals have really put themselves to the test and done all they can to make sure their performance was pure gold. From the band to the ballads, this half-time show was full of energy and major talent. This is the kind of half-time show people sit down and watch instead of heading to the concession stands! After you enjoy this delightful performance, make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.