Mike Aviles’s Ailing Young Daughter Gets the Chance to Throw Out the First Pitch


Parents are terrified of the idea of their children developing a severe terminal illness like leukemia, even in an age where there are more cancer survivors than ever before, especially since children are especially vulnerable. Mike Aviles has a very young daughter with leukemia. However, it appears that both of them seem to be trying to keep their heads up, which makes a difference.

He seems to be looking for ways to cheer her up and keep both of them happy, and that includes giving her the opportunity to throw the first pitch during a game. She appears to be energetic for someone suffering with a disease like this, even though her head is characteristically bald from the treatments. Still, one way or another, it does create a memorable moment for everyone involved. Even people who don’t follow sports on Facebook will probably manage to find this video touching and poignant.

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