Mike Rayburn Offers A Tribute To His Dying Dad By Singing “Cat’s In The Cradle”


Mike Rayburn is a comedian, motivational speaker, and a musician and in this video, he is paying a special tribute to his father as he is on his deathbed. He could not have picked a more fitting song because he and his father had difficulties throughout his growing up but were able to come together and he does not doubt his father loved him. As he sings, “Cat’s In The Cradle”, your heart will be deeply touched by this dying man and the son who loves him so much.

This amazing video may just make you think of your own dad. The words to the song are truly special so make sure you listen carefully, especially if you are not familiar with this classic. Mike performs the song beautifully and the guitar he plays reminds him of the first guitar his dad bought him, changing his life forever. Watch this touching video and Please SHARE on Facebook.