These Milkshakes Offer Over-The-Top Decadence and Flavor


Bet you have never seen extreme milkshakes like these before! This video features some of the most decadent milkshakes you have ever seen. Too bad videos do not come with smell-o-vision! When you see how fairly easy these milkshakes are to put together, you will know what you will be making for your next party. From peanut butter cup to red velvet cake, Ann Reardon spares no amount of candy and chocolate to make her delicious milkshake treats.

These New York Style milkshakes are all the rage and are perfect for any occasion you want to give yourself a little treat for. You simply decorate the outside of the glass with buttercream, candies, and chocolate and then you pour your milkshake inside, topping it off with treats. When you see these decadent milkshakes, your mouth will immediately begin watering! Check out Ann Reardon’s milkshake recipes in this video and Please SHARE on Facebook for all to enjoy.

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