Miniature Horse Falls In Love With A Pasture Of Horses


Pippin is most likely the cutest horse you will ever see! This little guy loves taking long walks and when he does, he prefers to ramble past the large pasture of horses that have quickly become his friends. As he comes upon the pasture, all of the horses seem to perk up their ears and move closer and closer to the fence. They are so amazed by little Pippin, they cannot seem to get enough of him! There is one special horse that seems to have truly caught his eye in this video.

This is the most adorable video and will have you smiling the entire time. Pippin is truly a gorgeous little horse and is so fun to watch. This young lad is ready to meet all of his beautiful horse friends but he also enjoys the delicious hay that is lying around the fence. After you watch this cute video, Please SHARE on Facebook.