Miracle Baby Was Born Without A Nose!


This video shows a true miracle in the making. When little Eli was born, they placed him on his mom’s chest so she could begin to bond with him. When she looked down at his little face, she noticed he was missing his nose! The doctors were baffled because the ultrasounds she had, had not revealed this anomaly. This sweet little one does not have a nose or sinus cavities so he must breathe through a ventilation tube. Thankfully, he is alive and well but will need several surgeries in the future.

This sweet baby is a true miracle and it is so wonderful that he will be able to receive the treatment he needs. Perhaps they will be able to one day create him a nose. This condition is so rare, there are only a few dozen people in the world known to have been born without a nose. If you think this baby is beautiful, Please SHARE on Facebook.