Miracle Baby Survives Being Thrown Twenty-Five Feet Into the Air After a Horrific Car Accident


They say everyone has a guardian angel and this little one is certainly proof of that. When his mother approached a stop sign unexpectedly, she was suddenly hit by a pickup truck. In the flash of an eye, her world was turned upside down. In this video, you will learn about Gabriel, a six-month-old who survived being thrown into the air at a high rate of speed.

This shocking video details the aftermath of a baby and his mother being involved in a serious accident. When the woman in the other vehicle realizes a baby has flown out of the car, she begins desperately looking for him. This sweet baby was found buried in the bottom of a snow bank.

Both Mom and son were sent to the local hospital where they were treated and released with only minor injuries. Although some would say the snow bank protected the baby from injuries, the Mom and her family believe a miracle took place because of God’s hand being on the child. You judge for yourself as you watch this video. Please SHARE on Facebook so everyone can witness this astounding miracle for themselves!

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