This Miracle Baby Will Warm Your Heart With His Struggle To Live


In the video you are about to watch you will see something truly amazing happen. This story starts when a couple is expecting their third child. All was well until one day they went to have an ultrasound and found out some very bad news. Not only did they find out their baby had Down Syndrome but he had hydrops as well. This caused his tiny little body to swell with fluid and the doctors told the parents he would probably be stillborn.

All this bad news did not stop the mother and father to give up hope and they carried on. At 35 weeks, the mother had an emergency C-section. After his birth the very sick baby was alive but doing really bad. He was in kidney failure and the parents were told to prepare for the worst. After the doctors had given up on the baby, the mother wanted to hold the baby one last time. But as the mother started rocking the child he started to get better. After that day the child started to recover and finally they were able to take him home. Please SHARE this amazing miracle video on Facebook.