This Model Is Working to Dispel the Lines Drawn Between Black and White Races


Diandra Forrest is an African-American model who was born with albinism. This condition causes her to lack pigment in her skin and hair. Growing up in the Bronx, she was always questioned as to what race she was and even made to feel ugly by the comments she received. In this video, you will learn about her story and how she became the first woman with albinism to be signed to a major modeling agency.

This video proudly proclaims how Diandra overcame the odds to defy racial stereotypes and go beyond color norms. Through her modeling career, she has finally been able to accept herself and realize she is truly beautiful! Now, she hopes to teach her precious newborn daughter the same ideals. You will enjoy learning of Diandra’s success and she may just give you the courage you need to pursue your own dreams. Check out this video and Please SHARE on Facebook for your friends and family to see!

Great Big Story