When Mom Is Allowed to Rock Her Baby Before His Death, A Miracle Happens!


When you watch this video, you will hear the story of the Wollman family who anxiously awaited the birth of their third child. Unfortunately, they received bad news when the baby was still in the womb. Not only did they learn their baby had Down Syndrome, they also learned he had a rare condition called Hydrops that caused his little body to fill with fluid. Doctors warned the couple their baby would likely be born dead.

When little Renner was born, he was alive and the parents were so happy! Their joy was soon dashed when doctor’s told them his kidneys were failing and he would die soon. When Mom asked to rock her baby before he died, a miracle began to happen! Today, Renner is a happy two-year-old! Although he needs a feeding tube and is on oxygen, he is doing great. This sweet story will touch your heart deeply and help you realize miracles still do happen! If you enjoy this video, Please SHARE on Facebook so others can hear Renner’s story.


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