Mom Loses New Job Because of Her Facebook Post Regarding Her Job

This video shows a news story about a woman who was offered a new job at a daycare. Instead of posting a Facebook post about her excitement regarding the new position, she posted about her new job with a follow up to say she does not like daycares or being around a lot of children. Like many social media posts before this one, it went viral and was viewed by the owners of the daycare. This post resulted in her being promptly fired.

This brings the question: when is freedom of speech not allowed? These days, people have to be careful what they post because they can end up affecting their life in major ways! These posts can affect their personal and professional lives. So, does that mean everyone should stop posting? No! Be mindful what you post can likely be read by anyone, no matter how private you make it. If this story shocked you, Please SHARE on Facebook right away.


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