Mom’s Facebook Apology Over Her Two Daughters Goes Viral


When the mom in this video learned her two daughters were acting rudely in the theater, she was mortified. This video shows the news story of how her Facebook apology went viral. Many parents would not go to the lengths this mom did to make things right. When you hear this story, you will want to cheer for this mom and all she is doing to make sure her kids are raised right!

Her son informed her, her two daughters were acting rudely in the theater and making too much noise. A woman in front of them kindly asked them to stop but they would not. She even talked with them when the film was over and informed them her spouse had lost his job and she would not be able to bring her daughter back to the movies for some time. When their mom heard what occurred, she took to Facebook as a way to apologize for her daughters’ deeds. If you believe this mom deserves to be honored, Please SHARE on Facebook so all can see the video.