Moms: Do Not Miss Out On This Mom’s Epiphany For Dealing With Poo Explosions!


If you are a mom of a baby, this video is going to blow your mind and you are going to wonder why in the world you never realized this before! This mom has just had an epiphany and discovered something we moms did not know (or at least the vast majority of us did not). If you have ever dealt with a poo explosion in your baby’s diaper, you know how difficult it can be to remove the baby’s clothing without getting poo on their face, in their hair, and all over their body.

If you have ever looked at the little folds on the shoulders of onesies, you may have wondered what they were for. Most people think they are just for decoration. In reality, these folds are a mom’s best friend. All you have to do is use these folds to roll each arm out of the onesie and pull the outfit down instead of over baby’s head for less mess! Now that you know about the hint in this video, Please SHARE on Facebook.