Money in the Bag with Used Tea Bags


In today’s economy, everyone is looking to save money by reusing everyday things and finding was to repurpose items. The Savings Experiment, presented by Bank of America and Visa, recently released a short video showing some of the many uses for used tea bags.

Hot tea is enjoyed by many people for its calming effect and positive health benefits. However, not many people would think to reuse their tea bags after they are done steeping their favorite brand. The video shows useful tips such as using tea bags to soothe sunburn and cold sores, deodorizing stinky old sneakers, freshening your refrigerator, degreasing pots and pans, and even how to repel household pests such as bugs and mice (peppermint teas work best for this cost saving tip)!

Watch the video to see just how you can use these tips in your own home to help save money by reusing your tea bags after using them to brew your favorite cup of tea. Please share this video on FaceBook to pass along the money saving tips and tricks.