The Morning Show Gets Crazy When Cow Eats Anchor’s Script on Live Television


This video offers one of those golden moments of live television when things do not go exactly as planned. When you see the anchor’s expression once she realizes the cow has just eaten the words she needed to say, you will find the moment absolutely priceless! This young anchorwoman is doing field work for The Morning Show. In this live segment, she is attempting to feed one of the cows a bottle of milk when one of the other cows comes up and begins munching on her script.

At first, Lauren does not realize what is happening because she is so focused on remembering all of the lines she is supposed to say. When she needs to refer back to her script, she soon realizes it is going into the belly of the cow in front of her! At a loss for words, she simply stares at the camera, pleading with her eyes for someone to help. If this video makes you smile, Please SHARE on Facebook.