Mother Cat Refuses to Let a Big Dog Touch Her Baby Even If He Is Only Playing!


When it comes to a mother’s love, there are no bounds, even in the animal kingdom. In this video, you will quickly learn why you should never mess with a mother’s baby, even if you are simply playing around. This big, monstrous dog seems harmless enough as his owner is walking him along on a leash. As the doggy spots a tiny kitten, his curiosity gets the best of him and he begins to play.

Like a bolt of lightening, mama cat is right on his heels, attacking him and making sure her baby is protected. This video showcases the love of a mama cat and her baby which remains strong no matter what obstacle stands in the way.

Enjoy watching this funny, yet heart-warming video. Do not be surprised if you find yourself watching it again and again. Make sure you SHARE it with your cat-loving friends on Facebook so they can enjoy it!
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