Mother Saves Her Baby’s Life as They are Both Knocked Over the Side of a Bridge


This is one of those news videos that will absolutely amaze you. Jennifer is a Mom that would do anything for her baby. When they were involved in a minor fender bender, she took her little one out of her vehicle and to the side of the road to wait for help. A car pulled up behind them to shield them from traffic and then the unthinkable happened, sending Mom and baby to a thirty-foot fall off of a bridge!

Unfortunately, a vehicle hit the vehicle that was trying to protect Mom and baby and caused it to careen into the pair. Thankfully, Jennifer was able to shield her baby from harm but she suffered serious injuries, including the loss of her leg. When you see this astounding story, you will realize miracles still do happen! While it will be a long road to recovery, this Mom is lucky to be alive and to have her baby safe. Please SHARE on Facebook to inform others about this miraculous story.