A Mother and Son Dance Turns Into a First Class Act


As you might already know, a mother and son dance tends to be very slow paced; therefore, it can sometimes get quite boring to see, but the mother and son dance that you will witness by watching this video doesn’t have anything boring about it.

The mother and son in this video start off by dancing ‘What a Wonderful World’ by Louis Armstrong. To the surprise of everybody in attendance, the music shifts to Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean, and both of them began to dance just like Mr. Jackson.

Of course, the crowd begins to go wild for them, cheering them. There are some individuals who even started dancing on the sides of the dance-floor. This mother and son clearly practiced for many hours as they were able to imitate the dance moves of every artist quite well.

They danced to a couple of songs. It is a very entertaining video to watch. See for yourself, and share it with your friends on Facebook so that they can attain a smile from watching it just as almost one million individuals have already done so, too.