Mother Of Two Brilliantly Dances To “Immortal” By Evanescence


Bree is a mother of two and her children are her entire world. She loves dancing but that has been put on the back burner for the most part because her children come first. In this video, she is auditioning for So You Think You Can Dance. As she steps to the stage, she is filled with love for her children and introduces them to Nigel and the other judges. When Nigel brings them up to sit in his chair, that seems to encourage Bree to give her performance everything she has!

Although Bree’s dance performance is phenomenal, her little girl steals the show at the end and is invited up on stage to perform her own number. The judges and the audience simply adore the little girl and it is clear she is carefully following in her mom’s footsteps. If you think this mom deserves to win it all, Please SHARE on Facebook.

Pedro Lamas de Oliveira