Mother’s ‘Hood Face off


This humorous video shows an interesting comparison between parenting styles and gang life.

The several different parenting styles are highlighted in this video.

Particularly touched upon is the school of thought which suggests that breast feeding is the only proper way to feed your child. This is counterpointed by mothers who only use formula.

Also represented are working mothers, stay at home fathers and naturalists. Each of these schools of thought collides with those directly opposing their own until a conflict arrives.

The different groups prepare to fight, when one of the strollers begins to roll down a hill. The conflict breaks up and all of the parents chase after the run away stroller.

When the stroller is once again under control, the baby is happy and healthy.

This video highlights the fact that everyone has their own style of parenting. No one style is absolutely correct. At the end of the day, every parent is just that, a parent. Please share on Facebook.

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