A Mother’s Work is Never Complete


Most mothers do not receive the gratitude they deserve for all the tasks they complete on a daily basis. From making breakfast, to teaching children about the world, mothers are constantly on the move and many times neglect their own personal well-being and feelings to care for their children.

No matter how tired a mother gets, she always strives to give the best she has to her children, running on fumes to make sure the house is clean, homework is complete, and clothes are washed.

The following short video, “3 Queens,” shows just how universal a mother’s love is for her children. Watch this video to feel empowered as a mother or watch the video to better understand what a mother does on a daily basis. This brief video will make you pick up the phone to tell your own mother “thank you,” for her hard work, constant caring, and unwavering love. Please share this video on FaceBook as a way to thank all the mothers in this world.