Mountain Lion Rescued From Circus Goes Back Home


Perhaps it’s their ferocious roar, or maybe their devilish look. Maybe they’ve just gotten a bad rap. Either way, it’s not often that one happens to find oneself conjuring up any level of sympathy for one of the most fearsome beasts in all of Canada and America; the mountain lion. Though, perhaps after watching this video, you may just find yourself having a change of heart.

In the following video, we’ll see a mountain lion released back into its environment after a long, sad life of living in a cage on the back of a truck to serve as an attraction to those who come to see the circus. While the mountain lion in question initially had a sad and lifeless look in its eyes, the story ends well, as it finds itself pleased – although perhaps somewhat cautious – with its new, natural environment. Help spread the word that animal abuse by corporations needs to be fought by sharing this video on Facebook.

Animal Defenders International