Some Of The Movies In This Mashup Are So Old You Might Just Never Get To See Them


Even if you’re not the biggest fan of Bruno Mars, it’s hard not to appreciate this video. This video features mashup of Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson. While mashups already come across as strange, being that two completely unique songs are being cut up and glued back together, the maker of this particular mashup decided to take things one step further. With the mashup providing all of the background music, we get to see 66 dance scenes played over top of it.

These dance scenes are from old (mostly black and white movies). What’s actually interesting about some of these dance scenes; however, is how rare some of them are. One of the movies these dances were taken from is so old that only twenty minutes of footage from that movie still exists today while the rest has been long destroyed from wear and tear.

Imagine that, over an hour of this movie can never be seen by anyone again. How the maker of the video managed to get a hold of some of these dances is unfathomable.