Moving on After Losing the One Closest to You


There are things that go wrong. And then there are things that can go horribly wrong. When Deedee lost her husband unexpectedly, it was a real disaster. She found herself losing out on her best partner and suddenly having to take care of everything. She had a Pizza business to run, she had to ensure that all employees get paid on time and she had to put everything back and move on.

Moving on isn’t easy. Most of us have a tough time with it. And to lose a person closest to you and moving on is perhaps one of the hardest thing you could do with your life. Yet, Deedee managed to do that. This video talks about her story. about how she managed to move on. And then, there is a nice little surprise at the end, that just makes Deedee’s day. She gets to have a makeover and have all her daughters around with her. But we will not spoil the surprise for you. Why don’t you watch the video yourself?

You should definitely watch the video till the end. There is a message that you do not want to miss. And if you like it, do not forget to SHARE it on Facebook.

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