Moyo the Elephant Wrecks the House


This video tells the story of Moyo a baby elephant who became separated from his mother and was washed away down a river. He nearly drowned but luckily someone saw him and he was rescued and brought to Roxy who looks after orphaned wildlife.

In this video we see Moyo living as if he was a human; he has access to the house and is very inquisitive. However he is very good at making a mess. He stands on the sofa, picks up tea bags and spoons, pees on the floor and tries to steal chocolate brownie.

He does listen to Roxy though and when she leaves the house he follows her. Roxy has become like Moyo’s mother and he follows her everywhere. Hopefully one day Moyo will stop wanting to be a human and will return to the wild. Moyo is a very cute little elephant and this video is definitely worth a watch.