The Mummy Whom Still Blinks


This video tells a story both mysterious and beautiful. Italy’s Catacombs house some of the worlds greatest mysteries. This particular tale, hits home on a number of levels.

Nicknamed “Sleeping Beauty” Rosalia Lombardo died of pneumonia at an incredibly young age. But, the love that her father held for her, would not allow him to deprive the world of her tremendous beauty.

With the help of a noted embalmer, Rosalia’s body is still preserved today.

Her story continues to inspire, and enthrall those who visit her. Of the hundreds of bodies, that are housed within the infamous catacombs. Rosalia, is without a doubt the most interesting. Though she has been dead for nearly 100 years, you can still witness her eyes blinking, given the right day.

A sight that is truly remarkable, and one of a kind. You can see Rosalia’s here, and share in a piece of the history that surrounds her.