A Musically Talented Little Girl With Autism Performs a Duet With Katy Perry


This video depicts a performance that is remarkable on many different levels. Being able to perform with one of one’s favorite stars is already a fantasy in the making for a lot of people. It’s even more impressive to do it at a very young age. For the little girl in this video, the fact that she is able to perform so well is a testament to how much she exceeded the expectations of her family.

The little girl in this video has autism. She didn’t speak for a long time. Her musical talent helped give her a new way to express herself, and she is a remarkably talented musician at such a young age.

Katy Perry is one of her favorite singers, and she was able to defy all expectations by playing with her onstage. This is a video that people should please SHARE on Facebook, since it is both inspiring and entertaining.