An NC Bus Driver Who Prevented a Disaster and a Tragedy


A lot of people don’t like to think about the terrible things that can happen to their children when they’re simply going to school. In the age of ubiquitous information, it can be hard to avoid this sort of thing one way or another, of course. Fortunately, there are plenty of heroic people out there who can at least make everyone just a little bit safer. The NC bus driver that people will see in this video is one of those heroes.

If it weren’t for the bus driver in this video, the suspects would have shot kids at this elementary school. The bus driver was able to chase them off, even after being threatened herself. She probably prevented another horrific school shooting in the process. This is the sort of video that can make people feel better about the goodness and heroism of people, especially in a tight spot, and it would be great to pass around on Facebook.