Near Death Pit Bull Gets a Home


There is hope left in the world and there are still good people out there. This hiker by the name of Andi Davis was able to save the life of a pit bull that she saw was in trouble while she was out hiking. This poor dog was near death and this woman saved its life.

Thanks to Andi this dog is going to be okay. The dog had been shot and the bullet went through one side of his neck and out the other. There were some pieces of metal that had to be taken out. It is a miracle that the dog was even alive when she found him. This dog now has a loving home.

Andi did not think about the breed of the dog when she saw him. All she thought about was how she could help save him. Now the family has a dog to love that they were not expecting. The dog is well behaved around her other dog, other humans, and even her children. Please SHARE this video in Facebook.