A Nearly Euthanized Dog Starts Saving Lives Of Veterans. This Is Wonderful


Emotional wounds exist. Veteran James Tessneer came back home after three trips to Iraq. He now suffered from PTSD, which even couldn’t allow him take her daughter to the beach, due to fear of having a mental hell upon stepping at the sand. Because of this PTSD, the Veterans Association provided him with a caretaker and a therapy dog, so as to come to his rescue .

At the same time, thousands of miles away Decimo, a dog, was saved by a warrior named Won. Generally, Veterans save dogs and train them to become service dogs for the war returning soldiers. Decimo who was going to be sacrificed, at the present, he is a life savior to Tessneer.

Like Decimo, there are many dogs like him helping soldiers to overcome PTSD

Apart from improving veteran lives, PTSD service dogs improve lives of those who interact with them daily too. A research carried by the warrior website, has it that from the 22 veterans that die daily, 3000 dogs are euthanized in the country too. This led to an awareness of lowering both figures.

Upon watching the video, you will realize that the two develop love at the first sight! A friend of man is converted to be his medicine too!

I coincide with Christian Stickney, when he said that Decimo was saved from being euthanized for a purpose.

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