Who Needs Fingers to Play Beautiful Music


As you listen to the piano played well by this young girl you would think she is just a talented musician that has no problem showing off her talents.

This video was either shot at a recital or another talent show as if often shown with judges to see whether or not the talent is real, and deserving of recognition.

But as you watch closely when the girl is playing you will see there is a big difference when compared to others that play the piano.


While she plays well, she is doing so with no fingers on her right hand. While this is a birth defect, or an accident at an early age we are not told.

But we can see that she has overcome this handicap by learning to play the classic piano with the limitations that she has.

She does not allow it to hold her back in any way, and should receive a standing ovation for her ability to not only play the piano well, but to do so by overcoming her disability.