A Neglected Yorkie With Broken Legs Manages to Recover and to Get Adopted Into a Loving Family


Yorkie dogs are adorable at the best and the worst of times. This Yorkie had broken legs, and has sleeves on during this video. Even with the lengthy sleeves, the Yorkie manages to be just as adorable, if not more so.

His previous owners never bothered to treat the poor dog’s broken legs, and he may have ended up crippled for the rest of his life if he hadn’t gotten the right amount of treatment in time. Fortunately, he was able to do so, and he managed to walk and run again.

People watching this video will really be able to get a sense of the extent to which the Yorkie has recovered. He is bouncing around energetically in this video. Today, he is part of a loving household with owners who truly care.

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