Never let Anything Stand in Your Way


On season 2 of the Australia version of The Voice there is a contestant by the name of Harrison Craig. The first few minutes of the video are the back story that shows you just what this young man has had to overcome in his own personal struggles. He is dyslexic and has had speech troubles with a stutter that he has been getting help with for years. Just listening to the back story will make you wonder how on earth this young man will be able to perform.

Despite what he has been through he allows nothing to hold him back as he steps on stage. Standing there in anticipations he begins to sing the song “Broken Vow”, so magnificently that he gets all four chairs to turn around. Every coach not only wants him, but has no problem telling this young man that he is great and that he has a powerful instrument whether he stutters or not.

While he stutters on stage, understandably being nervous in front of all these artists, he gets through it and picks his favorite coach. You will need to watch it yourself so you can see who he picks.make sure to share it with your friends on Facebook!