A New Lyrical Version of the Popular Song Hallelujah That Uses Many Explicitly Christian Themes


People fell in love with the song Hallelujah in around 2000, and it has been a hugely popular song ever since. Many people have done their own cover versions of the song, and many people have done so many different arrangements that it is possible to get lots of different takes on the song. However, this one may be the freshest take that people are going to find.

The lyrics of the original song Hallelujah have been adapted. The original song uses some Christian imagery, but it is mainly a secular song. This one contains more explicitly Christian themes, which is going to make the song appeal very strongly to a Christian audience. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since the new lyrics do provide a genuinely original take on the song, and they are lovely enough that even people who are not Christians themselves are going to appreciate this version.

Brian Cormier