New Surgery Drape Allows Mom and Baby to Begin Bonding as Soon as the Child Is Removed From the Womb


When most women go through a C-section, they only see their little bundle of joy for a moment before they are whisked away to be checked. Because the period just after birth is a critical time for bonding, many mothers find themselves feeling left out when they have their babies through C-section. Thankfully, three OBGYN nurses were able to develop a special surgery drape that allows the baby to be immediately placed on the mother so bonding can begin.

This special drape was first used by a doctor in Milwaukee. This video showcases the birth of Miles and how the doctor used the new drape to allow he and his Mom to bond on the operating table. Mom says this made such a difference because her first baby was born via C-section and she did not get to see him for 45 minutes! Check out this beautiful video and make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook for others.

WISN 12 News