Newborn Blue Penguin Is An Adorable Addition To The New Jersey Aquarium


The sweet little penguin in this video does not yet have a name but she is already full of character. She is almost as large as her parents and is one of the smallest penguin breeds. Her keepers at the New Jersey zoo are keeping her under wraps for now but hope she will soon be making her appearance with her mom and dad, Sheila and Goose.

This little one absolutely loves to eat and her favorite treat is sardines. This is one of those adorable videos that just makes you smile every time you think about it! What a little cutie she is and she has made a fine addition to the aquarium. Everyone is anxiously awaiting her public debut and cannot wait until she is able to be seen. It is clear, this beautiful penguin is going to be the star of the show! Check her out and Please SHARE on Facebook.