Newborn Sister Comforts Her Crying Brother as the Two Sleep

There is nothing more precious than a baby video to make your day! In this video, you will see an unexpected surprise as two twins are sleeping. As her brother begins crying, sister offers her thumb to help calm him. Just like a pacifier or bottle, his sister’s thumb seems to immediately calm him down. The sweet interaction between this adorable pair will have you spellbound!

This adorable video perfectly showcases the bond twins have from the moment they are formed in the womb. Mom knows these two need to be close to one another because they have been sharing the same space for around ten months. It is amazingly clear these twins instinctively know how to care for one another and will likely always be that way. As you watch this beautiful moment transpire, you may find you need to watch it once more. Please SHARE on Facebook so the world can see this charming pair!

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