News Anchor Cannot Stop Laughing At This Pig’s Name


Staying composed while on air is one of the key jobs for a news anchor, but this pig’s name was just too much for this broadcaster, who just could not stop laughing on a local NBC news channel.

The video tells the story of a disabled pig who inspired a group of children after paying them a visit, which seems innocent enough. However, the real humour was still to follow. As the piece develops, the anchor hilariously reveals that the pig is called Crisp P. Bacon, which sounds just like “crispy bacon” – the very meat which comes from the animal.

After trying to keep himself together, everything unravelled for the anchor after his sniggers turned into full blown laughter extending for nearly 30 seconds. He can be heard saying half way through his meltdown that “you have to read this story”. Thankfully for him, it didn’t sound like he was the only one who found the story funny, with further laughter being picked up in the background.Please SHARE¬†this video on Facebook.

Brad Rickard