News Reporter For Inside Edition Faces Medical Mystery That Has Doctors Puzzled


Jim Moret is dealing with a medical mystery that is shocking his doctors because they simply cannot figure out what it going on with his stomach. His gut suddenly started swelling for seemingly no reason. Doctors initially thought he had a blockage and sent him in for surgery but it turns out they were wrong. He even swallowed a camera pill that allowed them to see video of the inside of his stomach and intestines but found nothing. Meanwhile, his stomach is still eight inches larger than normal!

This medical mystery is quite perplexing to doctors and they are continuing to test him to see if they can find the problem. Hopefully, they will soon because the stress is really getting to Jim. It is interesting to see the images that came back to them after the camera pill went through his digestive system. After you have watched this amazing video, Please SHARE on Facebook for your friends to see.