Nine Puppies and their Mother Are Saved From a Desperate Existence Under an Abandoned House


Dogs who are homeless are found all the time on the street. They live in desperate circumstances, and they are typically filthy and starved. Imagining them raising their young under those conditions is particularly depressing, and yet as this video demonstrates, it happens all the time. In this video, animal rescuers received a call about a mother dog found under an abandoned house who was raising nine puppies in that filthy and dangerous location. The call may have saved all of their lives.

Abandoned houses are structurally unsafe, and they are very poor shelters for families of dogs. It is difficult for dogs who are functionally wild to raise their puppies at the best of times, and this was a much worse situation.

The video is full of people discussing the issue in detail. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since it draws attention to an important set of problems.

World Animal Awareness Society