Nine-Year-Old Girl Flawlessly Performs “Folsom Prison Blues” During Street Performance


Little Emi Sunshine was only nine-years-old when this video was filmed! When you hear her singing, you will not be able to believe that big voice is coming out of such a little one. It is clear to see this little girl has plenty of sass to go with her talent! As she sings Folsom Prison Blues, you will not be able to help singing along. She did Johnny proud and you can be sure he is smiling down on her.

Emi has been singing for most all her life and has a unique voice that sounds much more mature than her age. She is able to go deep and low with her voice, something that would normally be difficult for a girl so young. She perfectly invokes Johnny’s charisma during her performance and has this Tennessee crowd begging for more. After you have enjoyed her performance, Please SHARE on Facebook so others can witness Emi’s talent.