Nine-Year-Old Piano Genius Shocks The Judges Of America’s Got Talent


Adrian Romoff is only nine years old and he will be in college in two years. He has skipped about six grades and is one of the most intelligent kids you have ever seen! In this video, he is auditioning for a spot on America’s Got Talent. He is a pianist who can play like nobody’s business and he captivates the judges and audience right from the beginning!

Adrian is one cool kid and you might even say he is a smarty pants! His brilliant mind transfers to his music. When Howard Stern does not like his first piano performance, he agrees to play something else and absolutely blows everyone away. This kid is a true force to be reckoned with so make sure you remember his name because he is going to be famous one day soon! Check out his witty audition and make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook with your friends.

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