The No Bake Cheesecake, Nutella Style


This video was shot in Australia, but it doesn’t mean that the recipe stops there. This recipe is easy to follow and the One Pot Chef gives a step-by-step guide to following it.

The steps are not only easy to follow but the recipe doesn’t use a lot of ingredients either. Each step is not only shown so you know what to do, what to use and how long it should set in order to have the best taste.

It is a great little recipe for a Nutella Cheesecake that can be done no matter where in the world you might live. The chef even takes the time to tell you what the ingredients are called in other countries, making it simple to follow.

At the end of the video the chef takes a bite and perfectly describes the taste. He also gives you tips on how to make the crust a different way if it suits you. Since this chef does many other videos and shares several recipes you might want to give him a thumbs up and follow him.

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