Non-Vocal Autistic Woman Finds Her Voice Through Her Love Of Black Kittens

Jordan has lived most of her life in her own silent world. This young lady has autism and it has caused her to be unable to vocally communicate for much of her life. In this video, you will see her transformation as she began taking part in a work program that allowed her to take care of kittens and stock pet supplies in a store. When she was exposed to the cute black kitten in this video, a whole new world opened up to her! Now, she can vocalize basic sentences and communicate with others.

It is amazing how animals can be so healing! This young girl was silent for so long, her caretakers were afraid she would never speak. Watching this video will show you how truly powerful the love of an animal can be! As she does her job and takes care of the kittens, she blossoms more and more. Check out this amazing video and Please SHARE on Facebook.

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